6 Tips For Packing Up Your Child’s Bedroom

The kids’ bedrooms are some of the trickiest rooms to pack up before a move. Aside from the fact that there’s so much stuff — clothes, toys, books, accessories, and various knickknacks — to organize and move into boxes, packing children’s bedrooms is difficult because kids get so attached to their things. You don’t want to lose anything and, ideally, you want everything to be easy to find.

Thankfully, some packing tips will help you pack up your child’s bedroom quickly and efficiently so that moving day goes as smoothly and as tantrum-free as possible. Make sure to coordinate with your moving company on how to handle your child’s items.

Pack up the children’s bedrooms last

Moving can be stressful for adults, so you can just imagine what it must be like for children. This will be a trying time for your little ones, so you want to make it as easy as possible for them.

If your children are five years old or younger, pack up their rooms last. Young children need consistency and familiarity, so you want to try and keep their space intact for as long as possible. You should also start talking to your children about the move and how they feel about it weeks or even months before moving day.

Pack essentials in a separate box

You won’t be able to unpack your child’s things immediately after you relocate to your new home. There will most likely be at least one night when most of your stuff is still in boxes. Avoid meltdowns by packing a small box with your child’s favorite blanket, toys, books, and essentials like clothes, shoes, and personal hygiene items.

Use clear containers

We all know how demanding children can be and how they latch on to certain objects. A cherished doll or a favorite accessory can quickly stave off tantrums and preserve peace in the home.

Using transparent containers lets you easily find items that your child needs. Instead of having to dig through many boxes for a favorite pair of PJs or a beloved toy, you’ll be able to spot these items easily. This will help save your sanity during moving day and the days after, when most of the family’s things are still packed away in boxes.

Ask older kids to help with packing.

Enlist the help of your older children by turning packing into a challenge or a game. Just be sure to leave detailed instructions on how their personal belongings should be packed and in which boxes certain items need to go. Create a schedule for their work and reward them when they complete their tasks on time.

Clean as you pack

As you pack your children’s things, take the opportunity to clean, wash, and disinfect. Plastic toys can be cleaned with disinfectant wipes while stuffed toys can be thrown in the wash. Clear bags and toy chests of crumbs, dust, and debris. Wipe fingerprints and dirt off furniture, books, and gadgets.


Not everything in your child’s current bedroom deserves a spot in the new one. While packing up your child’s room, get rid of items that are no longer needed. Donate items that are still usable and keep the ones that have strong sentimental value.

We hope you find these tips useful as you prepare for your big move. We wish you the best of luck!

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