A Guide to Buying Curtains

If you are about to move into your dream home, your thoughts will turn to screening, and if you prefer curtains over blinds, there is much to consider before you rush out and place an order.

Curtain Headings

There are a number of types of curtain heading, which include;

  • Pencil pleats
  • Eyelet hem
  • Tab top
  • Box pleat
  • Pinch pleat
  • Goblet pleat

Forget buying off-the-shelf curtains, especially with a local bespoke curtains supplier in Wallingford who will come and measure up the windows to ensure a perfect length and fit.

Curtain Fabrics

There are many quality fabrics that are used to make curtains and your choice would depend on the following factors:

  • Light control – How much light you want to block out.
  • Noise control – Some curtain materials are better at reducing exterior sound than others.
  • Insulation – This is important for those who live in the UK.


If you think that curtains and drapes are one and the same, think again. Drapes are primarily lined and are weighted at the bottom, like you would see screening a patio door, for example. Drapes are much heavier than curtains and therefore require sturdy tracking to help slide them into position.

Bespoke Solutions

Having your home curtained is easy with the right supplier, simply make an appointment and they will send an expert to your home, where you can discuss all of the options. Once style and colour have been agreed, the technician would take precise measurements, and armed with all the information he needs, the curtains can be made.

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