A Guide to Post Winter Property Maintenance

The harsh British winter is finally over, and for many UK homeowners, this is the time to take stock of the exterior of the property and carry out essential repairs. Here are a few aspects that need to be looked at after the winter.

  • The Roof – The most important component of any building, the roof can easily be compromised by high winds and storm damage is a real threat. Ask your local roofing contractor to closely inspect the roof and repair any issues promptly. The guttering, fascia and soffit boards can also become damaged during the winter and should be inspected.
  • The Fencing – Typically made from timber, your fencing ensures a lot of punishment during the winter months, and with experienced fencing services in Banstead only a Google search away, any repairs can be carried out. Alternatively, if your fencing has seen better days, it might be best to replace it, along with the gating. Timber is just one material that can be used for fencing, and there are composite materials that offer a maintenance free solution, which you can discuss with your local fencing suppler.
  • Exterior Walls – You should closely inspect the exterior walls, looking for any damage, which might come in the form of dampness. Repointing is often required, and regardless of the material used, exterior walls are prone to erosion.
  • The Driveway – If your driveway has seen better days, it might require resurfacing, which is something that your local builder can handle. If this is a regular occurrence, consider replacing the driveway with block paving, which offers a long-term solution.

The above should all be checked after the long winter, and any repairs promptly carried out.

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