Building a Lean to Shed – Tips For Making A Wooden Slant Roof Shed

Making a lean-to shed has been proven to solve most, if not all, the storage problems present in any household. If you have an existing building that is structurally sound then you can simply add a lean-to. It’s a real simple project and today we are going to show how you can get this built.

Decide whether or not the structure will be attached to an existing building or built as a standalone style structure. Determine the building’s proposed size that will be built and ensure there is enough space to build it. Make a sketch of the model you intend to build and decide on the measurements that will be used. Take into consideration the amount of supplies needed as well as any specific details needed for styling.

Outline the identified area that the structure will be with 12″ wooden stakes. Block off the area by wrapping string tightly around the stakes. Cut 2 x 4 inch pieces of lumber to the preferred length to be build the floor of the shed. Secure the floor boards in place with 16d galvanized nails. Next use ¾” thick plywood to cover the 2 x 4 floor boards.

Using your sketch as a guide, proceed to frame the walls that are going to be used for your shed. Reinforce the wall framing by using metal braces to hold each corner in the shed. Determine the position in which your door will be and proceed to door the frame. Use the 2 x 4 inch lumber cut pieces to build the frame for the door.

Purchasing a ready-made door may prove to be an easier route than building a door.

Use 2 x 4 inch planks of lumber to cover the area of the building. The nailing pattern used to do this is not important, however, galvanized construction grade nails must be used.

By hanging a plumb line on the nails one can ensure that all the corners are perfectly square.

To build your roof rafters you will need to cut and use 2 x 4 inch pieces of lumber. The style roof chosen to use will determine the amount of lumber used. If you intend on making a lean-to with a flat style roof then you will need to mount 2″ by 4″ lumber pieces horizontally on top of the wall frames using ¾ inch thick plywood so that it covers the entire shed.

If your choice is to build a more pitched style roof you will need to construct this by creating L-shaped rafters by joining the boards together. Before proceeding to install the plywood bolt the rafters to the wall frames. Once complete, use shingles to cover the roof being sure to nail them in place from the inside of the shed.

When making a lean-to shed you can opt to use a variety finishes on the structure. You can sand its entire surface using sanding paper with medium grit to smooth all the rough edges. Then prime and paint the wooden exterior surfaces using any preferred designs.

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