Designing a Slant Roof Shed – Simple Ways To Make A Shed Quickly

Designing a slant roof shed is extremely easy for woodworking enthusiasts. Slant roof sheds are known for their lop-sided roof and adding one to your yard can be a great utilization of open space. The shed can serve as your gardening shed or just a normal storage space to put your junk items. Here’s a simple method to build a slant roof shed.

Start with flooring: To form the flooring for your shed you can use a simple mixture of concrete. Choose the area for your shed and clean it and then plaster the concrete. After the concrete dries you can add spare wooden flooring to it for a personal touch.

Adding the posts: You’ll need four 4×4 posts, to form the basic structure of the shed. Fix these in the four corners of your cleaned area and secure them with concrete and limestone. Bury the two back posts in 3 feet deep holes, while the front posts should be buried in 4 feet deep holes. Secure the outside 6 inches of your base with concrete, to form a border of your base. This layer should be at least three inches wide.

Base of roof and bottom: To form the base of your roof you need to procure wooden beams of 2″ width and length according to length of your shed. Now nail the beams to the top sides of the posts, forming the basic shape for the roof. Similarly using 2″ beams, create the base of the shed by nailing the beams to the bottom of the posts, from the inside of the shed.

Roof: The roof can be made with a corrugated tin sheet. These tin sheets are available in various sizes and widths. Cut a fairly large piece of tin sheet, larger than your roof base. Now you need to drill 2×4″ screws in the tin sheet and secure it to your roof base.

Siding: Siding can be made with tin sheets too, but using wooden planks would be a better option. To form the siding of the shed you can use 3″ wide wooden planks and nail them to the roof base and your bottom base with 2×4″ nails or screws. Secure them tightly to avoid gaps. To provide extra support, fix plywood on these sidings from the inside.

Add the door: Choose the side where you want the door of your shed to be. Cut away an opening into the side of the wall, slightly larger than the door. Fix a frame of 2×4″ into the hole and then with fairly sturdy hinges attach the door. The door can be fairly basic or costly according to your need and use of the shed. Preferably use a wooden door.

Place the window: You can create a simple window for your shed on the opposite side of your door. Make a fairly large hole in the side of the wall where you want the window to be at about half the height of your door. Fix a similar frame as your door for the window. Attach a simple pull up shutter for it.

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