Dry Cleaning Or Steam Cleaning – The Better Way to Keep Your Carpets Clean

There are different ways to clean your carpets. Among other ways the best and most popular are either to dry clean them or to dry them with a steamer and clean them afterwards. Both of these options have their benefits as well as drawbacks. If you are thinking about cleaning or washing your carpets be sure you choose the best option. You must therefore ask a good carpet cleaner to help you to decide if you carpet requires a dry clean or a steam cleaning. First of all you may have to see what fabric is used in your carpet. The fabric may tell you what kind of cleaning it requires.

Dry cleaning as it seems from its name is not usually a dry process. This type of cleaning does require some amount of water and moisture to clean the dust away. This water or moisture does not however harm your carpet. This process is much drier than a steam one. Therefore majority of the people prefer dry cleaning over steam cleaning.

You can dry clean a carpet at your home if you have much practice in this regard. If not, however that is not a problem because there are many shops out there which provide their services to dry clean whatever you want. You can take your carpets to these shops and have them dry clean. Dry cleaning is mostly useful when you have to clean smaller pieces of carpets which you can take out and put back easily. However if you have a wall to wall fitted carpet in your room, it is much better to steam clean them.

Steam cleaning requires a special kind of machine to clean the carpet. This machine is called a carpet steamer and can be found in shops easily. First of all you have to remove all the furniture which is present on the carpet and then vacuum it. After that, use the steamer to clean the whole carpet. After it has dried you can put back all the furniture. Although this process seems easier than dry cleaning but it is less effective. Carpets cleaned by a steamer do not stay clean for a longer period of time. On the other hand carpets which are dry cleaned give a fresher look and also last and stay clean longer. But you should not dry clean your carpets too often without any need, as it may damage their shine and reduce their life.

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