Installing Slate Flooring in Your Home – Benefits and Disadvantages

If you’re not sure what slate is, it is a grayish rock that sometimes is found with a hue of green or blue on it. It’s commonly used on roofs, walls and ceiling. People have started also using it for their floors as well. Installing slate flooring in your home is a very feasible flooring option that you should not dismiss lightly.

You can practically add slate flooring in each room as it lends the room ambient a level of elegance and sophistication that many other floors just can’t offer. It is easy to care for and it is really a durable, long lasting material. Some people have slate floors for many years and they have never thought of changing it to anything else.

It is not difficult to install and once properly installed, all you need to do is keep it clean. There is not much maintenance involved with this material, unlike some other ones like hardwood flooring, for example.

One of the main disadvantages of it though is cost. It is not cheap to get and the upfront costs might be a bit high for some people. It is definitely more costly than vinyl, tile and laminate. However given the longevity of the slate, which can easily outlast many of the other options, in the long run the cost is easily offset, particularly when you think that some other materials like hardwood need heavy regular maintenance like sanding and refinishing, which are not cheap.

Another light disadvantage of it is that it chips rather easily if something heavy falls on it. It also scratches, so when you move your furniture on this floor, you need to add some adequate padding to avoid scratching it.

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