Interior Decoration Ideas for 2019

If you would like to brighten up your interior living space, there are many ways to do just that. Repainting or wallpapering will certainly make a positive difference, and you can either go with the same base colours and add some contrast, or go for a completely new look.

  • Faux Timber – Luxury vinyl flooring and timber grained laminate can provide the look and feel of solid timber, and consulting with established painting & decorating services in Edinburgh, you could design a timber oriented living room. The kitchen is another room where composite timber finish can be used to good effect, which is something to discuss with the decorator, who would be able to suggest suitable shades.
  • Glass and Stainless Steel – A very attractive combination, glass can be used in many ways, with glass balustrades and splashbacks, while stainless steel looks like it belongs next to glass of any description. If you prefer the futuristic look, and some smooth concrete to the equation, along with vinyl finished in travertine or marble.
  • The Traditional Rustic Look – Pine comes immediately to mind, especially in the kitchen and living room, and with composites that look like the real thing, there are many changes you can make to give your home that country cottage feel.

Once you have settled on a look, source an experienced painter and decorator who can transform your vision into reality. An online search will help you to find a local company, and they might have a few ideas that you had not considered, but either way, your new look interior will soon be finished.












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