Keeping your Heating System in Tip-Top Condition

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that central heating systems are expensive. After the initial purchase of your house, the central heating system is probably the second most expensive investment you’ll make, so it pays to keep it well maintained. A faulty heating system, particularly in winter can make life very uncomfortable, this is a scenario obviously worth avoiding at all costs. The good news is, particularly for those who live in Devon, is that certified boiler servicing in Plymouth is available at a competitive price. Besides servicing your boiler, your heating engineer can also identify any small issues that might develop into big and potentially costly repairs. The importance of a certified engineer cannot be overstated as they have the necessary qualifications and accreditations to complete any central heating related job safely and efficiently. Experienced and accredited heating engineers should also be able to carry out the following if required:

  • Replace Boilers
  • Repair or Replace Radiators
  • Give Energy Saving Advice

The most important piece of advice in regard to a faulty boiler is, ‘Don’t attempt any repairs yourself.’ This could jeopardise any warranty you hold and even result in injury or death to the residents.

Contacting a Boiler Specialist

Before you allow a heating engineer to work on your boiler make sure they are properly qualified and hold the necessary certification, including an inclusion in the Gas Safe Register if applicable. Inclusion on this register is a legal requirement for anyone who works with gas heating systems.

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