Methods of Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

People spend a lot of money to decorate their homes and offices, as it reflects their personality and professional image. The cleanliness and maintenance of the decor is also very important to maintain this image. The rug or carpet meant for office or commercial use is not a minor investment and is a major contributor to your corporate identity.

Cleaning the carpets or rugs is much more cost effective than replacing them and the difference in the price margin can be as high as ten times. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your carpet can make sure they stay like new without having to replace them. Business carpet cleaning business can be leased for office or residential carpet cleaning.

Various Methods of Cleaning Carpets

The most popular methods of carpet clean includes dry, water and steam cleaning. Often the method of dry is used to clean carpets and cleaning. Dry powders are spread on the carpet, which attracts particles of dirt on the carpet and then sucked using cleaning truck. In the encapsulation method for cleaning dust particles are converted into particles and then dry vacuum.

Bonnet and Shampoo Clean Method

In the method of cleaning water are the two methods Bonnet and shampoo cleaning method. Cap special rotating cleaning brushes and cleaning solutions are used to get rid of dirt on the carpet. Some carpets may however not be cleaned by this method because it could damage the fibers. Shampoo cleaning makes use of rotary machines specially built for the cleaning of carpets, which should be used by professionals only.

Steam Clean Method

Carpet cleaning according to the method of steam clean is the most popular nowadays. A mixture of hot water and clean solution helps to clean carpets effectively. With temperatures as high as 210 Fahrenheit, steam is able to dissolve tough stains like coffee, lipstick, blood or wine. This method also uses the technology of low humidity, which helps dry the carpet after cleaning.

Although carpet cleaners professional, often a very good job of clean all kinds of stains, a serious problem faced by most owners is that carpet stains. An easy solution is to locate and absorb the stain with a tissue or soft cloth. Next a thick layer of baking soda and water can be applied to the area to help absorb the stain further. A mixture of white vinegar and water is applied to the area to get rid of odor and stain. Finally, it can be rinsed with water for cleaning.

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