The Stump Grinder: A Permanent Solution to Tree Root Removal

It wasn’t that long ago when if you had a large tree removed from your property, you had no choice but to live with the tree stump, as removing it was next to impossible, yet thanks to the invention of the stump grinding machine, tree roots can now be completely removed.

Tungsten Carbide Blades

The attachment consists of several large tungsten carbide circular blades that rotate at high speed, and when gently lowered onto a tree stump, the machine grinds the wood into pulp. All the reputable tree surgeons in Middlesex would use such an attachment, and the blades can mulch roots up to 1 metre deep, ensuring that the tree roots are dead. The process leaves the area with a mound of wood shavings that can be removed and replaced with sand and topsoil, allowing the piece of ground to be utilised.

Comprehensive Service

The tree specialist would likely wish to view the site prior to quoting for the stump removal, so he can accurately assess what exactly is required, and once an agreement has been reached, a convenient time and day is scheduled. Removing the tree stump would include:

  • Removal of all timber
  • Destruction of the stump and roots to a depth of 1 metre
  • Repairing any ground damage

The site would be left clean and ready to be used for any purpose, which is an added bonus when completely removing a tree stump and the corresponding roots.

Talk to your local tree surgeon who can remove any number of tree stumps for an affordable price.












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